The Weekend Edit

Need some weekend inspiration? Here’s my list of things to do, see, wear and eat…

Treat yourself to some blooms

Did get anything for Valentine’s Day? No, me neither. Head to your local market (I love Ely Markets) and choose a big bouquet from the flower stall just for you. Personally, I’d always skip the red roses for something a little more tranquil anyway.

Colour clash your weekend wardrobe

If your weekend wardrobe feels due a refresh, but your bank balance won’t appreciate you spending anything, try mixing up what you already own. Bright pink and rich red are super bold and confident. Or, if you’re a bit shy (like me) try mixing greens and blues you wouldn’t usually put together – it’s surprisingly flattering.

Eat Pastel de nata

I’ve never been to Portugal but that doesn’t stop me loving their custard tarts. These little babies, with their wobbly custard and crispy pastry, are the stuff of dreams. I love walking to the bakers and bringing one home in a brown paper bag before devouring it with a flat white. Seek one out this weekend (I believe you can even find them in the Waitrose bakery aisle) or try making your own. This recipe looks good.

Watch the last ever episode of Catastrophe

The last episode of Catastrophe aired this week on Channel 4. I’m saving it for the weekend, or possibly forever, because I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to Rob and Sharon. Haven’t watched it before? It’s the funny/sad/depressing/relatable tale of a dysfunctional couple, their kids and their friends. I love it and also would like to own everything in Sharon’s wardrobe. All four series are on the All4 Player.

Catch up with a good book

This weekend I’m going to finish Conversations With Friends. I was excited to start this one earlier in the week as I’ve heard a lot of good things about the author, Sally Rooney. I shall save the full review until I’ve finished it, but it’s a good ‘un. For more inspiration, head to my book guides.

Half term fun

It’s half term here next week, so I’m planning lots of things to do with the kids. Main event of the week for us will probably be seeing the new Lego Movie which has been highly anticipated for weeks and weeks. Tickets are booked. The weather will probably be fairly unpredictable, so we’ll make sure we have all bases covered with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. If you’d like to hear more, I’ve written this post for the FatFace website with all my favourite half-term activities!



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