Baby stepping my way into January

January always feels like one very long Monday morning. I’m never quite ready for it. Christmas softens me up with its late nights and lazy days. Work, routine and school runs are easily forgotten. The first days of the new year are always a shock to the system. I always feel like I’ve been shut out in the cold, the warm lie-ins and twinkly lights now just a distant memory. 

Well, enough wallowing in self-pity. There’s no rule to say that you have to face January as your best self with all guns blazing. If reading everyone else’s social media updates full of inspiring goals for the new year just make you roll your eyes, then that’s OK. It’s perfectly alright to do things your own way.

Take baby steps though January. Move instinctively into the new year in a way that feels as comfortable and unthreatening as possible. No pressure and no hang-ups. Some of us just aren’t wired to love winter. Don’t feel bad about it and remember to take things one day at a time.

No big goals. If you’ve read my 2019 manifesto you’ll already know that I’m not planning any massive life changes right now. January feels like the worst possible time to choose. It’s dark, we’re all skint and almost certainly have a cold. Why not make your goals more short-term? Call a friend, write a thank you letter, or just empty the dishwasher before you leave the house in the morning.

A little of what you fancy. I’m not going to give up the things I enjoy just because it’s January. It’s bleak enough already. So, I’ll be drinking and eating a little bit of what I fancy. That might be a giant winter salad one day, or the dregs of the Quality Street the next – and there’s absolutely no way I’m giving up alcohol.

Wearing your cosiest clothes. Don’t be deceived by all the frothy bits of spring fashion you’ll start seeing soon. It is still winter and it’s flipping freezing. I’m digging out the clothes that keep me warm and make me happy. My snow leopard coat, a new Boden scarf and fur-lined boots will do for starters. Plus, my second-hand giant duvet coat filled with feather down.

Avert your gaze. If the holier than thou social media updates about clean living make you roll your eyes, then stop looking at them. If it’s not your thing then unfollow, or switch off. Personally, I don’t want evangelical crap right now. I just want to hunker down with season two of Mrs Maisel and a large glass of red.

Who’s with me? Let’s put our best foot forward and baby step our way into the new year!

I wear: leopard coat, LOTD (old) / scarf, Boden 

jeans, Boden (old) / boots, Marks and Spencer


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  1. Naomi clark
    January 8, 2019 / 7:49 pm

    Absolutely love this! I wrote a blog post about not setting New Years goals because my social media was full of it!! I’m hunkering down with you!!

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