Utility style: the boiler suit

Nobody's Child women's Boiler Suit

Looking for an outfit that is both practical and stylish? Step forward the humble boiler suit. The favourite garment of mechanics, old men in sheds and now you!

Nobody's Child women's Boiler Suit

What’s so great about them?

Easy. Pulling on an all-in-one outfit is great for dark January mornings. And pretty warm too when you wear a fine-knit polo neck underneath.

Practical. Whether you’re changing a tyre or sipping a flat white, the boiler suit is your friend. Big pockets too. Let’s just not talk about going to the toilet, ok?

Feminine. Yes, really. There’s something about the nipped in waist and tapered ankles that’s just very flattering, especially when you’re curvy. Pair with some low heeled ankle boots to accentuate this.

Vintage. The neat, smart silhouette of the 2019 boiler suit reminds me of siren suits from the 1940s. So called because you’d put them on during an air raid to wear to the shelter. Very popular with stylish gals and Winston Churchill.

Nobody's Child women's Boiler Suit

My boiler suit is from Nobody’s Child and costs £28. I’m 5″4 and I’m wearing a size 12 (I sized up and I’m glad I did). Boots are £35 by Marks and Spencer.

Here are three more I love:

From left: Marks and Spencer, £45 / ASOS, £34.99 / Nobody’s Child, £35


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