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Gather some blossom

The blossom came early this year and, thanks to Storm Gareth, most of it will blow away soon. Get out this weekend and forage a little bit for your home. It’ll smell like honey and remind you that spring is still on its way! Mine has lasted for five days in water with no special treatment, although the cats do get covered in blossom confetti every time they brush past it. And remember those hyacinths I wrote about last week? Look how they’ve bloomed after a week in just a little water…

Make a rhubarb crumble

I was thrilled to find some lovely pink rhubarb at Ely Markets this week. It was blowing a gale and the rain was lashing down. I’ve never got so wet shopping for vegetables…and then I saw it, my first rhubarb of the year! I can’t wait to make it into the most delicious crumble this weekend. I always add a handful of oats to the topping for extra crunch and flavour. Check out your local market or greengrocer now to see if you can find some too.

When the world feels bleak, put on your prettiest blouse

The more flouncy and frivolous your blouse, the better. It will give you a little boost, even if it’s freezing outside and the news is grim. Layer up with a thin tee underneath, or put a cosy jumper over the top.

Blouse, £8, H&M

Go to a museum

The weather is still set to be pretty stormy this weekend. A museum is the perfect rainy day activity – whether it’s your small local town one, or something bigger. For an exciting day out with the kids, you can’t beat the National Space Centre in Leicester. It’s one of the best museums I’ve ever been to – full of fun interactive displays and the planetarium is awe-inspiring. For fans of ancient history, try John Soane’s Museum in London’s Bloomsbury. It’s an amazing eighteenth century house stuffed full of antiquities like Egyptian sarcophaguses. We took the kids there recently and they were fascinated. It’s also free.

John Soane’s Museum

Watch The Staircase on Netflix

On a night out last week (yes, never take a blogger out, they make notes on everything), I realised I was the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch true crime documentaries on Netflix. Never really thought they’d be my cup of tea, but OH MY how wrong I was. We started watching The Staircase which is a gripping whodunnit, with added tension as it’s real. I’ll be finishing it this weekend so don’t tell me what happens! If I didn’t have kids I would’ve binge watched the whole thing over a weekend!




  1. March 15, 2019 / 3:46 pm

    Lovely blog, as always, Lizzie. I thought you might like to know that under your influence, my whole wardrobe has changed completely. I now have 4 long denim skirts (2 in lightweight denim, 2 heavier), 6 cotton hoodies (2 blue, 2 grey, 2 black), and 2 pairs of lovely new shoes. I’m even planning some sandals for the summer, which is unheard-of, for me. I’ve also sent for 4 lightweight turbans, so soon I’ll be really smart from top to toe. I wouldn’t have done, or managed, any of this without your example, so many, many thanks. You might think I’m not learning, but, very slowly, I am! With love from Ruth XXXXX

    • Lizzie Woodman
      March 15, 2019 / 5:46 pm

      That’s brilliant Ruth, I’m so pleased to hear it! Clothes should bring us joy and wearing things we love is such a positive thing.

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