Yes, you can wear a leopard-print coat

Leopard print coat by LOTD

The allure of the leopard print coat will always be strong. There’s just something about it. Is it the kitsch tackiness, inspired by Bette Lynch? Or is that we all secretly want to be the cool girl?

I’m the least cool girl ever. Despite my best efforts, I’ll never be Kate Moss – unless she decides to become a librarian.  And yet, I’m still drawn to leopard-print like a moth to the flame.

Faux fur coats are a perennial fashion favourite. Every year I look at them – and then walk away. My dyed-in-the-wool mousiness always wins out. And besides, wouldn’t people just laugh at me if I wore one?

Leopard print coat by LOTD

This autumn, I was back stroking the furry coats again. But this year, the mouse didn’t win. Writing this blog, and indulging my love for style, has taught me that life’s too short to worry about what everyone else is thinking.

Clothes have the power to transform the way we feel. My inner-mouse keeps telling me that today’s not the day to wear leopard print. You’ve still got a cold…you’re not looking your best…why would you want to draw attention to yourself? But, actually, shrugging on something as gorgeous as a fur coat has the potential to totally transform your mood.

Leopard print coat by LOTD

My coat is a sort of fluffy, faux snow-leopard affair – which feels a bit less scary than full-on traditional leopard. When I wear it I’m a mouse in leopard’s clothing and there’s nowhere to hide – and that means putting on my sunnies in November and holding my head high. And guess what? I feel better for it. And when I feel better I look better. We all deserve clothes that make us happy.

Leopard print coat by LOTD

Still need convincing? Leopard-print coats are more practical than you think. They’re warm as toast. And they’re also surprisingly neutral – providing you keep the rest of your outfit paired back and minimal. Dark denim, a simple knit and ankle boots are all you need.

So yes, you can wear a leopard-print coat. On the school run, at work or buying baked beans in Sainsbury’s.

Do it – you know you want to. 

Leopard print coat by LOTD

I wear: Faux fur coat, £45, c/o LOTD / Jumper, £12, c/o LOTD / Jeans, £14, Peacocks / Boots, £27.99, New Look 

Thank you to Look of the Day (LOTD) who made my leopard print dreams come true by gifting me this outfit. 


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