The Weekend Edit

This was the week where we got a blast of summer in February. Weird but short-lived. I quite enjoyed it, although naturally its oddness was unsettling. Anyway, we’re back to normal temperatures now and at least it distracted us from Brexit for a bit.


Get some practice in for Shrove Tuesday

It’s pancake day next week! This year our household is extremely excited to have purchased a crêpe maker. We bought it on a whim and it’s already earned it’s keep. It’s basically an electric hot plate with a nice even heat that’s perfect for creating just about any kind of pancake you can imagine. We’ve been perfecting our thin crêpes, but it’s also extremely handy for buttermilk pancakes. Ours is by Breville, but I’ve also noticed that Aldi has them at the moment!

Try a beaded bag

I love this little trend which taps nicely into the current vogue for handicrafts. Clearly I didn’t actually make this one, but it looks like someone from 1970s could have. It’s heavy and slightly impractical – so naturally I love it. Mine is from New Look and it’s in the sale right now for £16.

Visit a glasshouse

Missing the warmer weather? Visit a garden that has glasshouses. Even if it’s cold outside, everything will feel lush and tropical once you’re inside. Your best bet is your nearest botanical garden – the hothouses at Cambridge Botanic Garden are very impressive!

Glasshouse at Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Order your dahlias

While we’re on the subject of gardens, now’s the perfect time to order your dahlia tubers. This year I’m doing mine in pots, but they look equally stunning massed in a big flower bed. I’ve chosen Sarah Raven’s Cafe au Lait collection. They look like weird lumpy brown things right now, but will grown into beautiful blooms come summer time!

Watch Killing Eve

I know I’m seriously late to the party, but we’ve finally watched Killing Eve. I’m not sure there’s anyone else left on the planet who hasn’t seen it, but if that’s you then give it a try this weekend! It’s gripping stuff and brilliantly acted. I can’t wait to see the new series when it airs later this year. Series one is on the BBC iplayer – expect all of your preconceptions about spy thrillers to be kicked to the kerb.



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  1. March 4, 2019 / 4:54 am

    Thanks for sharing an amazing Weekend edit and beautiful Eve…Loved it!

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