Our night in a Plankbridge shepherd’s hut

Plankbridge shepherd's hut

There’s something so romantic about a shepherd’s hut. It’s a sweet reminder of bygone days that appeals to my instinctive need for simplicity and freedom. After a busy few months of work, we were both ready to escape from reality – if only for a little while. The offer of a night in a shepherd’s hut was like a dream come true. We packed our bags and set off for an adventure in deepest Kent.

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

Collecting the keys to Samphire

Our destination was Elmley Nature Reserve on the Isle of Sheppey. After a warm welcome, we collected the keys to Samphire, our home for the night. It was specially built by Plankbridge. Their vision is to combine traditional Victorian craftsmanship with modern comfort. Each of their bespoke huts is designed to fit into their location – whether that’s a beautiful nature reserve or a city garden. Elmley is an enigmatic place – when we arrived in the late afternoon the marshlands were bathed in golden light and birds swooped low. Our hut seemed like it was part of the landscape and we immediately felt at home.

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

Modern luxury and ingenuity meet traditional craftmanship

Behind the stable door lies an enchantingly clever interior. A double bed is tucked into one end, a wood burner in the other. Between the two is a sweet little table and a tiny dresser full of useful things like tea bags, a kettle and a portable stove – plus marshmallows for the fire pit. And hidden away behind a door was a shower, sink and composting loo. The way Plankbridge have fitted so much in the small space is so ingenious and is a real testament to their craftsmanship and imagination. Gabriel Oak would recognise our hut, but it’s no period piece. Everything was bright, simple and comfortable.

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

A timeless summer night

We spent less than 24 hours at Elmley, but time seemed to stand still. The combination of the long summer night, the charm of the shepherd’s hut and the beauty of the nature reserve was magical. As we drank tea on the steps, we couldn’t believe our luck. We felt such a strong connection to the landscape, yet we were so well protected and comforted by our hut and its thoughtful interior. We ate a simple of dinner of bread and cheese – although you can cook something more elaborate on the stove if you want!

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

A cosy night’s sleep

There was a chill in the air that night and shutting the door to our cosy hut and climbing into bed was wonderful. Plankbridge insulate their huts with wool, so they’re cool in summer and warm in winter – and the temperature was perfect. We drifted off to sleep in our comfortable bed and slept like logs. We woke early to the blissful sound of birdsong and nothing else. No cars, no beeping alarm clock – nothing. The lovely team at Elmley delivered bacon sandwiches and tea to our door and we ate them in bed with the door flung open.

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

Can we take it home, please?

We were thoroughly enchanted by our night in Samphire and didn’t want to leave. On a daily basis I’m overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I own and accumulate. Staying in such a simple and beautifully designed space has really got me thinking about decluttering my life, but also how I can eventually own a shepherd’s hut of my own. Plankbridge huts aren’t just for holidays and beautiful settings – you can have one at the end of your garden as an office, spare room or romantic retreat. Cheaper than an extension and no planning permission required, what’s not to love? The saving starts now.

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

Plankbridge shepherd's hut at Elmley nature reserve

A big thank you to Plankbridge who paid for our stay at Elmley in return for this honest review.








  1. Ruth Kirk
    July 4, 2018 / 6:42 pm

    Found it! So glad you had this lovely experience XXXXX

  2. Marie Mander
    July 4, 2018 / 10:47 pm

    Looks idyllic Lizzie, I would love a shepherds hut in my garden, I would use it for an art studio!
    The photos are beautiful.
    I remember visiting The Isle of Sheppey when Grandma Spooner lived there, nice memories. xx

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