Liven up your cup – with We Are Little’s coffee

We are Little's flavour infused instant coffee

Making a cup of coffee has always been a little event for me. At about 11am the lure of the kitchen becomes strong. I’ll log out of whatever I’m working on, and turn my attention to my favourite moment of the day: coffee time. 

I recently received a special delivery from We Are Little’s. It was packed full of their exciting range of coffees. Their top-quality instant coffee is made with 100% premium Arabica beans and as well as Colombian Single Origin and Brazil decaf, they specialise in gorgeous flavours like French Vanilla and Swiss Chocolate.

We are Little's flavour infused instant coffee

Everything’s natural, and there’s no added sugar – just great tasting coffee that feels like a treat, but that’s a doddle to make. Livening up your cup has never been easier…

Sticky cinnamon buns and French Vanilla… The soft and sweet flavour of this blend is perfect with my favourite mid-morning treat.

We are Little's vanilla infused instant coffee

Colombian Premium is perfect for life on the go… When I’m in a rush, I want my coffee to be simple, straightforward and have bags of flavour. We Are Little’s classic Colombian blend fits the bill nicely and they even sell a bag to match. The single-orgin beans sourced only from Colombia means this brew packs a real punch!

We are Little's coffee on the go bag

Indulge yourself with Swiss Chocolate… Having the day from hell? Pick yourself up with a cup of We Are Little’s Swiss chocolate infused coffee and the fanciest biscuit you can find the in cupboard.

We are Little's Swiss chocolate infused instant coffee

Lazy breakfast in bed with Rich Hazelnut… Always my favourite bit of the weekend. This full-flavoured blend is perfect with my morning croissant!

We are Little's flavour infused instant coffee

We are Little’s range of instant coffees are available from their own online shop – plus Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and other retailers. They also do flavour-infused ground coffee if that’s more your thing. Try some now to liven up your cup!

We are Little's coffee

This post was commissioned by We are Littles

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