Farewell October…

Berries on Pentonville Road

October has been such a good month – full of beauty, colour and fun. I don’t want it to end, but here we are on the last day of the month.

Later on in the week, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite photos from this month’s #OnePerfectThing, But meanwhile, here’s a little round up of what it’s meant to me…

Berries, apples and the rest… Brightening up dull days, catching my eye when I’m out and about. Some taste nice, others need to soak in gin… and some are just pretty.

Autumn gatherings

Woolly jumpers and tights… I don’t like feeling cold, but I do like that it means I can wear jumpers and tights again. New ones, old cosy ones, soft, pretty ones – they’re all welcome here.

Tights and woolly jumpers

Toadstools… they keep catching my eye and taking my fancy. Whether it’s buying things for my shop, or new socks for my toes.

Toadstool socks

Watching the leaves slowly change colour and flutter down. Every morning when I open my curtains they look a little different. Autumn is all about the senses: the earthy scents, the cooler weather and – above all – the feeling of leaves crunching underfoot. You’re never to old to kick a few leaves.

Cambridge in October

More trips to London than usual… I’ve been out and about in the city more than usual this month and it’s been really fun. The more I go, the more I want!

Red tights

Family walks without coats… When no one feels cold eating a picnic. Filling pockets with conkers, leaves and other treasures.

Wicken Fen in October

And finally, some Halloween fun with my boys. Tonight we’re planning our annual feast of mummies in bandages (frankfurters in puff pastry), mashed potato and baked beans…and a few treats!

Halloween fun with BEAR nibbles

What have you loved about October?


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