Deck the halls!

Christmas mantelpiece

I haven’t actually decorated my tree yet – we’re saving that for this weekend. But I’ve been busy adding festive touches around the house – the little traditions we like to repeat every year.

Every year we always decorate the study mantelpiece. When it was a playroom, we tended to stick to homemade cards and a twig tree, with a bit of greenery. This year I’ve chosen a different theme. I’ve swapped my usual swagged greenery for a simple theme in red, white and green. I’ve christened it the shiny-woodland-candycane theme. Catchy.

Christmas mantelpiece

I’ve combined my houseplants with a little faux Christmas tree with lights – which look great paired with my little red toadstools and some candy canes. I have a lot of candy canes this year. I can never normally buy any in Ely, so I stockpiled about ten boxes back in November. They’re going to be everywhere (unless my boys steal them all first). My little fawn is from Wilko – I’ve snipped off his hanging thread.

I’ve filled my little shelves with baubles and a little wooden Father Christmas…

And I’ve filled a glass jar with battery-powered fairy lights…

A festive mantelpiece

I always love to decorate our stairs with greenery and little decorations. I simply take a couple of faux wire garlands and twine them around the bannisters with fairy lights. You can then twist various little decoration onto the greenery. I used to do real greenery, but faux is lot more practical with young children (and cats) around. This year I’ve added little wooden hearts and rosehips – plus a few little toadstools.

Decorating the stairs for Christmas

Decorating the stairs for Christmas

This is Mog and Tabby’s first Christmas with us, so my usually relaxed stair decorating was a more painful affair this year. Every time I poked my hand through the bannisters Mog was there to scratch it. The best game ever.

Mog's Christmas

How’s your decorating going?

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