A winter state of mind

A Winter State of Mind

It’s easy to feel relaxed in summer. Problems feel lighter on carefree sunny days. There’s more time to be spontaneous, happy and relaxed. In winter, it’s harder to get that feeling. The days of drinking in pub gardens and carefree picnics feel a world away.

But what if you could recapture the magic of summer in the middle of winter? This isn’t about trying to replicate what you do in summer. It’s about adopting a new mindset that bring that feeling of easy summer relaxation back into your life. Let’s call it a winter state of mind.

As part of their Shot of Summer campaign, e.on energy challenged me to find out exactly how to embrace this positive mindset. Here’s what I’ve discovered…

Find your inner warmth. Imagine that feeling of sheer relief you get when you bite into an ice lolly on a hot day. Now, think about how you can get that blissful feeling in winter. The answer lies in warmth. A hot drink in a travel cup is as essential on a freezing day as an ice cream in a heat wave. It’s hard to drag yourself out of the house when it’s bitterly cold – but drinking something hot while you walk creates an instant feeling of warmth and relaxation. It’s like lighting your inner fire.

Take a hot drink out with you in winter

Add spice to your life. The tastes of summer are simple, fresh and easy. Picture ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and that first sip of chilled rose after a hard day in the office. In winter, things are different. There’s a reason why past generations have always embraced warm, spiced flavours in winter. They add a warmth and depth to our lives that provides essential comfort on long, cold nights. Swap your chilled summer drinks for mulled cider or wine; and replace fresh berries with vibrant clementines. Find comfort in warm, spicy chilli or rich stews.

Hot Spiced apple at the Samovar, Ely

Be spontaneous. Just because it’s cold outside you don’t have to hibernate indoors. In summer, when the days are long and warm, anything seems possible. During the winter months it’s tempting to dash home as soon as dusk begins to fall. But don’t be afraid of the dark – why not actively embrace it? Take your children for a warming picnic in the fading light – or visit an outdoor market in the evening. You’ll be surprised by how much still happens between 3 and 6 o’clock.


Winter-proof your home. Being spontaneous and getting outdoors only works if you’ve got a cosy home to retreat to afterwards. This winter, why not make your approach to heating a little smarter? Get your boiler serviced, or replace it altogether if it’s inefficient – and make sure your insulation is up to scratch. And once you’re sure everything’s working properly, you could even install a super-smart tado° thermostat that links your heating to your mobile phone.

What are your tips for feeling relaxed and happy during winter?

This post was commissioned by e.on. To find more information about ways to be energy-smart this winter click here.



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