Wear bright pink and stop blending in

Wear pink and stop blending in

You can’t disappear in a crowd when you’re wearing bright fuchsia pink. It’s impossible. 

I’ve shied away from pink for years. Too girly, not me, attention seeking… I like to blend in, it makes me feel safe.

But here I am having a pink-coloured epiphany. I’ve worn it twice this week.

Pink jumper and grey trousers

What’s changed? Probably not my personality, but definitely my capacity for caring what others think. I’ll probably be the only one wearing bright pink at school pick-up time, but actually there are more important things to worry about in life. Plus, four years of blogging and taking photographs of myself has beaten down a lot of my natural awkwardness. If someone thinks I look stupid, then let them – at least they noticed me.

Wear pink and stop blending in

How am I wearing bright pink?

I don’t want to look like Delores Umbridge, so I’m avoiding any pink-on-pink action. I’m combining bright fuchsia pink with classic neutrals.  By which I mean denim, a soft grey or camel coat, an oatmeal jumper and some black boots. There’s nothing twee about that.

Feeling shy? Dip your toe in the water with a jumper

I bought this super-soft jumper from Marks and Spencer for £12.50. Such a nice flattering shade – perfect for autumn when the cold weather starts to bite and your tan is fading!

Marks and Spencer fuchsia pink jumper

Feeling brave? Wear a pink coat

A smart, structured pink coat is a useful thing. It’ll brighten up, or smarten up, most outfits. I’m still not brave enough invest lots of money on a pink coat, so I bought this Dorothy Perkins coat second-hand. A shy leopard can’t entirely change her spots, after all. I felt pretty empowered wearing it though and I shall make myself wear it as much as possible. It’s like pink body armour!

Wear pink and stop blending in

That’s why I’ll be wearing pink. Will you join me? 

Here’s the details of my looks, plus some other pieces currently available on the High Street:

Pink coat and jeans

I wear: Pink coat, Dorothy Perkins (second-hand) – similar here / Jeans, £60, Boden

 Jumper, £17.99, H&M (online only) / Black boots, £35, Marks and Spencer

Pink jumper and grey trousers

Pink jumper, £12.50, Marks and Spencer / Grey coat, H&M, similar here

 Black boots, £35, Marks and Spencer 

Checked trousers, Joanie Clothing, similar here

Lisa Snowdon Necklace, £60, QVC (gifted to me) / Ophia Ring, £35, QVC (gifted to me)




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  1. Ruth Kirk
    September 25, 2018 / 3:03 pm

    Beautiful! Really suits you xxxxxx

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