Home Notes for March

March is full of promise. It might sometimes feel like we’ve still got one foot in winter, but spring is firmly on the horizon. Just those few extra hours of daylight make you view your home and garden in a wonderful new light. It’s time to bring your home out of hibernation, make new plans, and freshen things up.

Here’s the interiors trends and ideas that are inspiring me this month!

Grand designs

March is great month to sit down with a coffee and plan out some ideas for your home and garden. If you’re thinking of re-decorating or having some building work done, now is a great time to start getting people round to give you quotes. For once, we don’t have anything to do in the house so we’re focused on our garden. It’s a completely blank canvas and we’re really enjoying sketching out some ideas for flowers and vegetables. First up, I’m ordering new pots for the patio and planning what I’d like to go in them.

Be inspired by the new pinks

We’re not talking about baby pinks or girly pinks, but grown up dusky pinks. They’ve been on my radar for a while, and I chose a pair of pink velvet curtains for the sitting room in our new house. After seeing Farrow and Ball’s new colour, Sulking Room Pink, I’m now longing to use it in our attic bedroom. It’s an earthy pink, a bit like unpainted plaster, that feels very contemporary. I think it would look wonderful with grey hues, dark wood and natural creams. My bedroom mood board is growing by the day and I’m also eyeing up grey metal beds and welsh blankets.

Clockwise from top left: Sulking Room Pink paint by Farrow & Ball / Vase, £45, Cox and Cox / Frilled cushion, £60, Cox and Cox / Throw, from £165 / Bed, £135, IKEA

Indoor bulbs

I always love indoor bulbs at this time of the year – especially hyacinths. They’re easy to pick up in the supermarket for a few pounds. Simply pop the plastic pot they come in inside a pretty container and you’re ready to go. If you fancy something a little different, my favourite way to display bulbs is in a jam jar. Carefully remove your bulbs from the soil and rinse the roots in water to remove the dirt. Once clean-ish, place in a jar and fill with just enough water to cover the roots, not the bulb. Keep the water topped up and your bulbs will soon be flowering!

Embrace faux blossom

I adore blossom and have been known to do my fair share of foraging. A big branch of it looks gorgeous, but doesn’t last long once you bring it in the house. Magnolia, is also beautiful but it’s hard to get hold of any if you don’t have a tree in your garden. This year, I’ve saved myself the heartache and invested in a sprig of faux magnolia from Cox and Cox. It’s just as beautiful as the real thing and will last for years.

Faux magnolia, £28, Cox & Cox

What are you planning for your home and garden this spring?


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