Wildlife spotting in the garden, plus a vlog!

Cloud binoculars craft

There’s so much going on in the garden at this time of year. In even the smallest outdoor space you can spot all sorts of bugs, insects and other wildlife. You don’t have to look hard: just pause for a moment and it will come wiggling, buzzing, creeping or fluttering its way to you.

This summer BEAR nibbles have partnered with the Wildlife Trust to encourage children to get out in the fresh air. Each box of yummy BEAR paws contains some cards with fun and inspiring outdoor projects – from building a den and leaf rubbing to camouflage headbands and open-air yoga.

Our little town garden is absolutely teeming with wildlife at the moment. And what do you need to spot all that wildlife? A pair of binoculars of course! One of the little activities from BEAR is for a simple pair of cloud-spotting binoculars.

Making cloud binoculars craft

Making cloud binoculars craft

Tom loved making his and used them to go and look at his favourite garden residents: our bucket of frogs. We discovered them when we were clearing away a pile of old fence panels and buckets. We’d inadvertently created a perfect habitat for them. After we’d cleared everything we worried they’d be unhappy and leave, but they’ve stuck around. We spotted three in there with the binoculars yesterday!

Frogs living in a bucket

Here’s an adorable video about our wildlife crafting session!

Thank you to BEAR nibbles, who kindly sent us our crafting supplies and lots of yummy snacks. 

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  1. Jo
    July 18, 2016 / 10:54 am

    Tom’s so cute with his ‘binoclears’!

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