Thick jumpers and swishy skirts

Pleated skirt and woolly jumper

Pleated skirts have been on my radar for many a year, but for some reason I’ve never bought one. Mainly for boring reasons of practicality. But sometimes a swishy skirt is just what you need. And who says they have to be impractical?

I recently invested in this one from H&M. It’s dark grey, with a subtle sparkly thread running though it. At £14.99, I was happy to take a chance on it. It’s pretty, yet comfortable (got to love an elasticated waist!) and works equally well for day or night.

Chunky jumpers and pleated skirts

By day, it’s great with lots of layers – a chunky jumper, scarves, thick tights and a baggy coat. It’s general swishyness stops all the things keeping me warm feeling too boring and dowdy. What to wear on your feet is mildly tricky – I want to avoid looking overdressed. I’ve decided that simple trainers are the best thing.

Your basic fomula is…

Chunky jumpers and pleated skirts

Skirt, £14.99, H&M / Jumper, £14.99, H&M / Trainers, £14.99 by (you’ve guessed it) H&M. My coat in the previous pictures is also from H&M and is £39.99.

The whole thing – minus a few layers – also works really well in the evening. I wore it recently to an early evening event with a simple black jumper and the succulent necklace (from my shop).

Pleated skirt and woolly jumper

It’s pretty and practical…with just the right hint of sparkle. Perfect for the busy month ahead! 

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