The Weekend Edit: things to do, wear, see and eat

Yellow dress and blossom

Hello weekend, I’m definitely ready for you.

We’ve all been gritting our teeth through all the rain recently so a bit of spring warmth is most definitely in order. And bang on cue, the weather is supposed to be glorious this weekend. Need some inspiration? Here’s some simple ideas…

Make breakfast muffins. I love pancakes, but they’re time-consuming and a bit messy. Fruity breakfast muffins are the perfect alternative for lazy weekend breakfasts and brunch. They’re delicious and simple – and you can make them in advance. If you don’t already have a favourite recipe, then I recommend this book. It’s a classic and you’ll soon be making perfect muffins.

Breakfast muffins

Nice weather means new clothes. It’s been so hot this week that I’ve even been testing out some new summer dresses. Not quite ready for that yet? A great transitional piece right now is a pair of light-weight, loose trousers. I’m particularly loving these stripy ones by H&M.

Stripy trousers

Pick up a book. And then read it, preferably with a cup of coffee in the sunshine. I go through spurts of discovering new authors, and then pausing to re-discover things I’ve read before. Right now, I’m revisiting the novels of Mary Wesley. I read them all a decade ago, and I’m loving returning to them now – a little older and wiser. I’ve just finished An Imaginative Experience, which was excellent and perfectly off-beat – which was Mary Wesley’s speciality.

Be a blossom tourist. Soft, blousy flowers and blue sky are such a happy combination. Go seek it out. You don’t have to go anywhere fancy to find blossom. Just take a walk around your local streets. Magnolia is at it’s best right now – catch it now before it all disappears!

Magnolia in bloom

Pack away your winter wardrobe. I love delving in the boxes under my bed and re-discovering all the pretty spring clothes I’ve forgotten about. This weekend, I’m going to try and shift things round and bag up all my thick winter clothes. Make sure everything’s clean before you pack it away, and always remember to include some moth repellents to protect your nice knitwear.

Spring clothes flat-lay

Easy TV. Not sure if it’s spring, or a response to life being busy – but right now I’m all about the comfort tv. The boys and I have been re-watching old episodes of Escape to the Chateau. It’s dreamy and amusing – and it makes me wish we could up sticks and do something similar. If you fancy some drama, I’d also recommend the Welsh BBC drama, Keeping Faith. It’s one of best things I’ve seen this year.

Blossom and Avocados

What’s on your list this weekend? 




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