Great ways to start your day when you’re not a morning person

I’m not a morning person. It takes an industrial size crowbar to prise me out of bed each day. I’m rather envious of those people who can leap out of bed fresh and full of beans. Do they even exist?

Ever the optimist, I’ve developed some tools for starting my day well. I’m not striving for perfection. These are just teeny tiny ways to get your day off to a good start…

Take it slow

The first thing I do each morning is go downstairs in my dressing gown and put the kettle on. I don’t rush to get showered and dressed straight away – it’s too much of a shock to the system. I drink my first cup of tea of the day in relative peace, fiddling with my phone or reading a page of my book. Then the rush of family breakfast starts. Only then do I potter back upstairs to get dressed and ready, by now fully awake and ready for the day!

Eat well

I always make time for breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day! It doesn’t have to be a feast, but make it count. My top favourites are porridge and toast. Not revolutionary, but it’s guaranteed to give you the fuel you need. Best combined with at least two cups of tea.

Have a good skincare routine

No matter how rushed I feel in the morning I always make time to wash my face and put on moisturiser. It wakes me up and sets my skin up for the day. My current dream duo is the Multi-Active Toner and Intensive Moisture Balance by Dermalogica. These two products liven up my skin and keep it feeling perfectly balanced all day. Goodbye dry patches and greasy t-zone!

Be five minutes early

Whatever time you think you need to leave the house, make sure you’re ready five minutes early. However organised I think I am, I always have a last minute scramble for my keys/purse/umbrella. This lost time is often enough to make you have to run for the train or miss the school bell . Get yourself ready five minutes early and enjoy that extra breathing space.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Lastly, remember to add that final finishing touch that makes you feel happy. A cosy scarf, your favourite red lippy or a hat to hide you unbrushed hair. Stick it on you’re ready to face your day!

Dermalogica products were gifted to me in exchange for a review.


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  1. February 6, 2019 / 5:49 pm

    That hat really suits you! Where did you buy it, please? XXXXX

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