Kitchen inspiration and a lesson learned

Autumn vegetables and flowers

Earlier in the year we repainted our kitchen in soft dove grey. I was thrilled with it. Sadly, I bought the wrong kind of paint. Ordinary emulsion does not work in a kitchen. I repeat, it doesn’t work! The pristine finish lasted about a week before it was covered in grease marks and dirt which couldn’t be scrubbed off. I’ve spent all summer grinding my teeth and watching new stains appear.

A couple of weeks ago we packed off the boys, bought some new paint and rolled up our sleeves. This time we used Dulux endurance paint in Brilliant White. I was so fed up with stains, I couldn’t be bothered to think about colour. I just wanted clean, white walls. It took three coats to cover the stains. It was an impulse decision, but I love it. I think I might paint the entire house white next!

White tile paint

I also decided to tackle the horrible black tiles with some white tile paint. I’m delighted with the results. It’s not as perfect as new tiles, but it’s a great budget option. So far, it’s proving pretty hard wearing too.

Now I’ve finished throwing white paint around everywhere, I feel really inspired again. I would love a new oval table and chairs. I like the fluidity of a curved table, plus it’d give me a little extra floor space that I’d love to fill with a dresser one day. With simple white walls, I’m craving galvanised steel, earthy tones and pops of yellow this autumn. Here are my favourites:

Autumn kitchen inspiration

Top: Table and Chairs (£999)

Bottom row, from left: jug (£9), coffee cup (£9.99), cooking pot (£40).

Have you ever had any painting disasters? And what do you think of round tables? I’d love to hear what you think! 

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fishpools who have a wonderful selection of dining furniture.

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  1. September 21, 2016 / 9:20 am

    Painting disaster: in our 1st house we chose colours by sticking the tiny squares from a paint catalogue next to each other in a small exercise book,which looked OK. This resulted in an orange and purple bedroom, with orange curtains and bare brown floorboards (we couldn’t afford a carpet or rug). The effect was unbelievably, shockingly ugly! Love from Ruth XXXX

    • marmaladepie
      September 27, 2016 / 11:38 am

      Oh no!

  2. September 21, 2016 / 12:01 pm

    Luckily we haven’t had any painting disasters. But I did have to water down the colour I bought for the bathroom with an awful lot of white paint. It looked gorgeous on the tin and on all the websites I looked at it on. In our bathroom it looked sludge grey, not duck egg blue! I used it to paint our tiles and was delighted with the result. Like you, I was afraid of what it would look like but the tiles we jsut so ugly. There’s a post coming.
    You ideas for the kitchen are very nice. (Love that mug!)

    • marmaladepie
      September 27, 2016 / 11:37 am

      I’m really pleased with the tile paint – so glad I finally took the plunge! It’s a bit tricky not getting drip marks though!

  3. September 23, 2016 / 12:29 pm

    The biggest painting disaster we had was last year when we painted the living room – I stupidly bought a cheap paint. Cheap paint and grubby fingers, plus two graffiti loving children are not a match made in heaven. It’s also Magnolia. Need I say more.

    So, very soon I shall be repainting it in white, with paint that won’t dissolve at the sight of a cloth. Then I shall do the rest of the downstairs too! 🙂 xxx

    • marmaladepie
      September 27, 2016 / 11:37 am

      Urgh, yes, I hate when it just all wipes off – I’m only ever using endurance paint from now on!!

  4. September 24, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Nope — no painting disasters, thankfully. Plenty of other disasters though!! I used to choose my colours for kitchens or bathrooms from the Farrow and Ball chart then have them mixed up in Homebase with Dulux kitchen and bathroom paint from the big mixing machine!! 😉 It’s a really good cheat and a fab way of getting the colour you want, in the right finish. That said, you can’t beat a bit of white paint can you? Thanks for linking up Lizzie xx Caro #HomeEtc

    • marmaladepie
      September 27, 2016 / 11:35 am

      That’s a great tip, thanks Caro. I’d like a F&B colour for my hall but it absolutely needs to be hardwearing…

  5. September 24, 2016 / 6:14 pm

    Oh dear! Once I re-touched all the kitchen diner in the wrong paint right before we moved and had to repaint the entire room!! White is therefore much easier 😉 LOL xx

    Thanks for sharing & linking up #HomeEtc xx

  6. September 26, 2016 / 8:08 pm

    YES! Once I repainted/touched up a room (big) the wrong paint! YIKES! Had to do the whole room again. Ooops. Lol. White paint therefore rocks. Thanks for linking and sharing much appreciated. Jess xx


    • marmaladepie
      September 27, 2016 / 11:34 am

      Oh no! White paint is definitely worth it for the touch ups alone! x

  7. September 28, 2016 / 1:24 pm

    Nope, no painting disasters but a fair few wallpaper ones. No matter what I do, or how many tutorials I watch, I make a start and then inevitably have to call in a painter and decorator. Wallpaper is my nemesis!!

    • marmaladepie
      October 14, 2016 / 9:31 am

      I’ve never even attempted it!

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