Make a wax jacket your best friend – featuring John Partridge & Co

John Partridge ladies wax jacket

A well-made wax jacket is a great thing. It’ll keep you warm and dry in just about any storm life can throw at you. 

I was recently sent a lovely wax jacket by John Partridge & Co. All their wax jackets are handmade in Britain and if you look after them they should last you a lifetime. I love how even a brand new wax jacket feels somehow lived-in – like an old friend, almost.

John Partridge ladies wax jacket

Traditionally wax jackets are a bit of a country uniform, but I’ve always loved them in the city too. Like all classic wardrobe staples, they’re versatile and look good in a variety of settings. They’ll also see you right though the seasons – from summer dresses through to chunky knits.

To prove just how versatile the humble wax jacket is in the town and city I’ve tried it three ways…

John Partridge ladies wax jacket

Casual coffee date with added leopard print. Yes, you absolutely can wear your favourite animal print with your wax jacket. It’s a perfect example of how versatile this classic piece can be.

John Partridge ladies wax jacket

Client meeting in town. I wore this smart dress for an office meeting. It was a breezy day and it looked like rain, so I threw my trusty wax jacket on over the top. I love the smart/casual result.

John Partridge ladies wax jacket

A trip to the market on my bike. My John Partridge jacket felt so at home at Ely Market. I kept cosy with a thick knit underneath. The mid-length Landowner jacket is perfect for cycling.

John Partridge ladies wax jacket

I wear the Landowner wax jacket by John Partridge & Co, £185

I know I’ll be reaching for this jacket again and again. It’s a brilliant investment piece and even has the name of the person in Staffordshire who made it sewn into the label!

A big thank you to John Partridge for sending me this jacket as gift. 


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